Senior TypeScript Engineer

ZetaChain is seeking an experienced TypeScript engineer to join our team. You will be instrumental in developing open-source tools and libraries that enhance the developer experience on the ZetaChain platform. This role is centered around creating a TypeScript client for ZetaChain, empowering developers to easily build and interact with our blockchain.


  • Our tech stack
  • Protocol: Go (Cosmos SDK, Comet BFT, Ethermint)
  • Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GitHub, Vercel
  • Smart contracts: Solidity, Hardhat
  • Frontend: TypeScript, Next.js, Ethers.js, GraphQL, protobuf
  • Location
  • Remote
  • What you’ll do
  • Work with TypeScript (a lot) and a bit of Solidity
  • Work an on open-source client to interact with ZetaChain
  • Create tools and libraries for ZetaChain developers
  • Work on our Solidity example contracts
  • Get paid to write open-source software and public docs (probably what you always wanted)
  • Work on providing the best developer experience for people building on top of ZetaChain
  • Work on products that bring our core interoperability blockchain technology to end-users

Your skills and experience

  • Base experience
  • 4+ years of experience in software engineering, with a strong background in TypeScript
  • Full-stack development experience with focus on building tools and libraries
  • Experience with frontend development technologies such as TypeScript, Next.js, Ethers.js, GraphQL
  • Familiarity with smart contract development in Solidity and tooling like Hardhat
  • Bonuses
  • A balanced experience between working at startups and big tech companies
  • Experience working with EVM or Cosmos blockchains
  • Experience working on open-source code
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